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Suisen Festival / Aranami Festa

Daffodil flowers (suisen) are given out for free at this event, and also features booths selling local specialties of the Echizen coast, and many food stands selling the local seafood.



Shin-soba Festival

Shin-soba refers to soba noodles made from a new crop of buckwheat seed, and is known to be outstanding in terms of color, taste and fragrance, making it ideal for consumption. Do have a try for yourself to experience the rich flavor and texture.



Old Hokuriku Railway Walking Competition

This is a walking competition where participants walk through the group of tunnels that were a part of the former Hokuriku Railway that operated from Tsuruga to Imajo from the Meiji Period. Participants can experience the history and atmosphere back in the time of steam trains while walking the route of the former Hokuriku Railway, which is designated as a…



Touryanse Light-up

Touryanse is an event where the surrounding area near Ukon Family Residence is lit up with LED candles. Visitors will have night access to both the Ukon Family Residence and Seiyokan, where they will be able to experience a fairytale-like atmosphere that differs greatly from that in the day.



Minami-Echizen Town Fureai Product Fair

This fair features a variety of events, including commercial booths and food stands. In the commercial booth zone, different corporations will have their products and product information panels on display. In the food booth zone, a variety of local specialties and produce will be available for sale.



Kaido Roman – Imajo-juku

The Kaido Roman event at Imajo-juku brings the past appearance and liveliness of the former Hokkoku Kaido’s post town back to life. Food stands selling Imajo’s local specialty oroshi-soba and local sake line the lively streets. Designated as a Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Fukui Prefecture, the traditional dance, Haneso-odori, is also a must-see.



Kono Summer Festival

The Kono Summer Festival sees a total of around 7000 fireworks being launched into the sky over the waters of the Sea of Japan. The music echoes against the surrounding mountains, and the venue is filled with cheers from the audience. The festival also has many food stands, as well as a kids’ corner, and is perfect for people of…



Hanahasu Morning Marathon

The Hanahasu Morning Marathon is held on a Sunday in early July every year, where participants run in fields filled with blooming lotus flowers in the cool early hours of the morning. This marathon sees many participants every year, with many looking forward to the shiso syrup shaved ice that is served here.



Beach Opening

The beaches open in early July, and the three beaches in town (Kono Beach, Kaburaki Beach, and Nuka Beach) are filled with beachgoers from the region and also from outside the prefecture. The beaches are dotted with colorful beach umbrellas and bright swimsuits during this period.



Lotus Festival

This is a long-running event from late June to early August every year, with throngs of visitors coming to admire the blossoming lotus flowers in the park. There are also a variety of fun events held during this time. Some of these include drinks served from an “elephant trunk cup”, made from passing a stem that serves as a straw…

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