About Minamiechizen Town

What kind of a place is Minami-Echizen?

Minami-Echizen Town is located almost right in the middle of Fukui Prefecture, with Echizen City, Echizen Town and Ikeda Town to its north, Gifu Prefecture and Shiga Prefecture to its east and south, and Tsuruga City and the Sea of Japan to its west. Minami-Echizen is a treasure trove of nature, home to a variety of natural landscapes formed by the mountains, the sea, and the rustic countryside village. Minami-Echizen Town was formed on 1 January 2005 with the merging of the former Nanjo and Imajo towns and Kono Village.

It is the third largest muncipality in Fukui Prefecture after Ono City and Fukui City, with a land area of 343.69k㎡.

Highlights of Minami-Echizen

Minami-Echizen is a town made up of three main areas with distinct characteristics - the sea, the mountains, and the countryside village.

Historic Sites

Visit the two Japan Heritage sites and Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings located in Minami-Echizen

Imajo History

Showa Kaikan

Showa Kaikan was built in 1930 by Wakichi Tanaka with his pr…

Kono History

Shimohase Cave

This cave is a sea cave formed by waves eroding rocks over a…

Imajo History

Yamanaka Pass (the oldest Hokuriku “Expressway”)

In the Nara Period, travellers from the capital Nara who wer…

Kono History

Bashaku Kaido Highway

Connecting the provincial capital Takefu to Kono, the Nishi-…

Kono History

Auxiliary Ship Kanto Disaster Memorial Park

In 1924, the auxiliary ship Kanto ran aground and shipwrecke…

Imajo Japan heritage History

Hokkoku Kaido Highway

The Hokkoku Kaido was an ancient highway spanning around 520…

Imajo History

Yunoo Pass / Magojakushi Shrine

This is a mountain pass located between Yunoo and Imajo. Dur…

Imajo History

Site of Hiuchiga Castle

Hiuchiga Castle is located on the top of Mount Atago, east o…


Tunnels from the former Hokuriku Railway

In 1896, the former Hokuriku Railway's Tsuruga-Fukui route s…

Imajo Japan heritage History

Jingoro Kyoto Residence

This is one of the grandest old houses in in Imajo-juku, ser…


Places in Minami-Echizen to enjoy nature and hiking trails

Kono Nature

Echizen Coast

Designated as a part of Echizen-Kaga Kaigan Quasi-National P…

Imajo Nature

Masutani Dam

Constructed on the upper course of the Masutani River, this …

Imajo Nature

Mount Hachibuse

Kinome Pass is the point that separates Fukui Prefecture int…

Imajo Nature

Mount Fujikura / Mount Nabekura

This mountain is located to the west of Imajo-juku. There ar…

Nanjo Nature

Mount Honokeyama

Mount Honokeyama used to have a platform where smoke signals…

Imajo Nature

Hirono Dam

This dam was completed in 1944. This was built to function a…

Imajo Nature



Nanjo Nature

Lotus Blooms

During the flowering season of July to August, you will see …

Imajo Nature



Imajo Nature

Akatan Rock Dikes

This is a series of huge rock dikes that were built around 1…

Enjoy shopping

Click here to see where you can buy local produce and specialty products

Imajo Souvenir

Yoshigo Shoten

This is an old miso shop. Other than miso, they also sell to…

Kono Souvenir

Yamamoto Shoten

Saba heshiko (mackerel pickled in rice bran), which is a loc…

Kono Souvenir

Sakashita Shoten

You can find delicious local sake and fishing equipment here…

Imajo Souvenir


Local produce and ready-to-eat dishes, as well as snacks and…

Imajo Souvenir

Takano Yoshibei Shoten

The honeyed ume plums, a bestseller here since the Edo Perio…

Imajo Souvenir

Horiguchi Brewery

This brewery was established in 1618. Their representative b…

Imajo Souvenir

Kitazen Shoten

Established in 1716, this is a sake brewery that belongs to …

Imajo Souvenir

Hatakeyama Brewery

This brewery was established in 1835, when it started to ser…

Imajo Japan heritage Souvenir

Imajo Station (Imajo Machinami Information Center)

An introduction to Imajo’s history is given in 3 different z…

Nanjo Souvenir

Roadside Station Minami-echizen Sankairi

This is a roadside station that is connected to the Nanjo Se…

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